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Border controls for flights from Greece to Germany - What should travelers know now?

27.11.2017 - Δελτίο τύπου
Passport control
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Since November 12th 2017, temporary border controls of ID cards and passports have been introduced for flights from Greece to Germany as a further option stipulated in the Schengen Border Codex.

These controls refer to all German airports and all passengers who either want to enter Germany or have to stay in transit to get a connecting flight.

This regulation will be valid until May 11th 2018.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

1. Can I travel to Germany with my Greek ID Card or do I need a Greek passport?

Answer: As before Greek citizens can enter Germany with their Greek ID Card and also with their Greek passport.

2. Now what is actually new?

Answer: Up to now in particular cases some airline passengers had to show their ID card or passport. Now every airline passenger will be asked to have his or her ID checked by showing his or her ID card or passport.

 3. Do only Greek airline passengers have to show their ID card or passport?

Answer: No, all travelers who are on board of an airplane from Greece, e.g. also German citizens, have to show their ID card or passport.

 4. Are such controls still allowed?

Answer: Yes, the Schengen Border Codex explicitly stipulates that border controls can temporarily be introduced, even between Schengen partner states. The German Ministry of Interior notified these controls to the responsible EU authorities.

5. Why are these controls put into practice?

Answer: These controls are aimed against illegal migration attempts within the European Union.

 6. Do travelers therefore have to wait longer at the airport?

Answer: The German authorities try to do their best to reduce waiting times to a minimum level. Depending on the individual infrastructure of each airport and the number of passengers short delays may occur. To show the ID card or a passport takes in general only a few seconds.

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